Finn Cooley: Masks


My avatar for Finn: A young Sebastian Stan

Name: Finn Cooley [Hero Alias: SilverArm / Argent]

Game: Masks: A New Generation

Playbook: The Innocent

Campaign: The Junior Elite [Fall 2016] 5 sessions


SilverArm in costume, as drawn by John Alexander


Finn Cooley is a 17-year old rookie hero code-named SilverArm who was mysteriously ripped out of his origin timeline in late 1996 and thrust forward twenty years to a new and strange reality that includes an older version of himself who has grown more cynical and jaded and is not at all who the younger Finn had hoped to become. [This is the central premise of “The Innocent” playbook].

Both versions of Finn/SilverArm share the same basic powers, although at different ability levels. Finn is symbiotically linked to a form of living metal that has manifested into the very flesh and muscle of his left arm, from shoulder to fingertips. This arm enables Finn to manipulate photonic energy and psychokinetically wield it to create forms of solid light shaped by his imagination and maintained by his willpower. [i.e. it is like Green Lantern’s ring, just with different trappings and shtick.]

Young Finn is a recently-recruited member of the Junior Elite, a teen-hero team that is an offshoot of the League of Elite, our campaign’s analog to the Justice League or the Avengers. The older SilverArm is a long-standing member of the League.

However, right out of the gate in our first session, all the members of the League of Elite (except one) vanish mysteriously while battling a villain in a research facility known as the EON Institute, and much of the storyline since then has involved the Junior Elites’ trying to figure out what happened.

If you like, you can read the actual play synopses written by our MC Seth Harris here on his site:

You can also meet the other player-character heroes there along with most of the NPCs we have encountered thus far.

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