About Me

I’m Mick Bradley; a husband, father, geek, roleplayer, maker, graphic designer, podcaster emeritus, postmodern progressive, mythophile, celtophile, writer, and sometime stage-actor. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, although I grew up in Mt. Morris, Michigan and spent most of my early adulthood in the Texas Panhandle.

My wife is Leah Ellison Bradley, a teacher, maker, and professional potentialist. You can find out more about Leah and her work at Making Something of It. Leah and I have two boys, Conor and Liam.

For the past few years I’ve worked as the Media Production Associate at Dee’s, a mom-n-pop retail store in Louisville that specializes in crafts, gifts, and home decor. Every Spring we also become the area’s largest and busiest purveyor of fancy hats for people to wear to the Kentucky Derby and other related races.

I partake in several geeky hobbies, such as …

I’ve been playing tabletop rpgs for many years. These days I usually play games that are either based on the Fate system or derived from the Apocalypse World engine. But I also have experience with GURPS, various d20 games, some of the original World of Darkness settings, Deadlands, 7th Sea, Primetime Adventures, Lady Blackbird, and a smattering of other small press/indie games from the early 2000s.

I broke into the podcasting world several years ago by co-hosting a geek-pop-culture variety show called The Round Table, featuring discussions of how mythic structure and archetypal storyforms influence contemporary pop culture media including movies, tv, comics, novels, and rpgs. At various times during its two-year run, The Round Table also starred Chuck Hedden, Kenny Montano, Chris Miller, K.J Johnson, and Julia Sullivan. The show also featured guest panelists including Mur Lafferty, J.C. Hutchins, Paul Tevis, Chuck Tinsley, Lonnie Ezell, Jeff Himmelman, Caroline Murphy, Sasha Romanov, and Tracy Hickman.

Simultaneously I hosted a second podcast called Misfit Brew, featuring essays and musings on some of those same mythic topics. I was joined on the Brew by Scottish misfit Rae Lamond. Misfit Brew ran for 24 episodes over a period of two years. I also participated in and produced the first 45 episodes of The Rolemonkeys, and I’ve made guest or recurring appearances on several other podcasts including Canon Puncture and The Game Master Show.

My college education started off with a major in christian theology but eventually transitioned into a major in theatre arts. Eventually I spent nearly 10 years as a regular performer and technician at Amarillo Little Theatre. In fact, that’s where I met Leah, who had moved to the area for a 1-year internship. We fell in love performing in a play called Dancing at Lughnasa, and when Leah returned to Louisville after her internship to finish her final year of school, I came with her.

And here we are.